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The Story Behind the Peach

AJC IBEW peach state T store news Tshirt

I get a lot of questions regarding the "Peach State T" listed in the catalog. I figured I'd take the time to explain why this shirt is special to many Atlantan Georgians!

"The tower was built on IBEW's roof in the '90s, after the roof was leased to an ad agency who convinced them the structure was a good investment. Not so, say IBEW officials, and when the agency's lease expired, employees were thrilled to be rid of the "nightmare" tower — even bringing out champagne to celebrate.

What they weren't expecting were upset Atlantans, some of whom took umbrage at the news."-AJC

The Peach was built on the tower two years before the summer olympics in Atlanta in 1994, and was supposed to advertise in winding rotation the names of two companies as well as change color with the outside temperature, except for one never kinda really worked. The peach caused more problems for IBEW to maintain with it's reoccurring  maintenance issues and to some who worked for the company an eye sore to look at.

The Peach stayed for another 22 years where it became a staple in the skyline of Atlanta and for most people who have lived in the city since their childhood...nostalgic. We didn't care that It didn't work, it just kinda reminded us millennials of a time that was simpler and bills did not exist.

There is one positive thing to this story. IBEW has decided to replace the peach with solar panels to power their building! I guess we can put aside our petty differences for an attempt to save the world IBEW.



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